Flashback Friday – Taylor Tribune – 1/13/07

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We’re only half-way through January and I’m getting another Tribune out into circulation.  That’s amazing considering I have about 5 minutes of downtime each day – and the downtime I do have is at night and I usually choose sleeping over anything else.  In looking outside all you see is a white blanket over the Puget Sound.  It snowed again today, maybe an inch.  The kids love it.  Logan was out with his friends throwing snow at each other.  It has been very cold here too.  Keith has been building fires downstairs in the wood burning stove.  It really takes the chill out of the air downstairs and warms it up a bit up here.  It also gives our heater a break – which is good considering we just got a $600 electric bill.  Ouch.  The joys of living in a bigger house.

Toddler Tantrums

Let’s see, where do I begin?  Levi has been a busy little boy this week.  Expanding his vocabulary, getting into things he shouldn’t (but doesn’t realize he shouldn’t so it’s not really fair to say he “shouldn’t”, and consistently fighting us on naps and going to bed.  Actually, he doesn’t really fight us as much as he just refuses to go to sleep.  It’s become sort of a game.  We put him in bed to nap and tuck him in with his blankey and sippie cup of water, give him kisses and say “ni-ni” and quietly walk out and close the door.  Levi lays there as if he’s going along with the whole charade and gives us that sleepy look and watches us leave as if the minute we walk out he will simply close his eyes and drift off to dreamland.  Not.  At about the same time as the door closes behind us Levi pops up in bed and scans the room looking for where he will start.  He rips off the covers, scoots backwards off the side and jumps down into his bottomless pit of toys, which at this point could be considered the carpet since this is all you see from wall to wall.  Within minutes you hear Levi making fire truck noises, mimicking sirens, crashing cars and making little Levi noises.  We will listen to it for a while and then we will open the door as Levi looks up startled like he doesn’t realize his sirens and crashing sounds could be heard from the living room.  He immediately starts asking us, “What’s that?” as he points to the toy he’s playing with.  He knows he’s busted and tries to act like he’s doing nothing wrong.  So we sternly tell him it’s not play time and he needs to go to sleep.  We tuck him in again and the same scene plays itself over again.  Now we will close the door and wait for a few seconds and open it to find him already popped up about ready to scoot off the side.  He sort of jumps from being startled and quickly lays his head back down.  This will go on for hours some days until we just get him up so that we won’t mess up his bedtime and will put him to bed an hour or so earlier to make up for the nap he didn’t take.  Sometimes he will give in after about 30 minutes and will fall asleep.  I’m in the process of looking for bed tents that will keep him in bed…

Life of Logan

Logan has had two basketball games so far.  They are 1-1.  Logan has improved so much.  It’s really neat to see the difference and watch him play.  His strengths are definitely ball handling and defense.  They had a game this morning and won 30-22.  Logan so enjoys playing and gets so excited on game days.  Logan also decided this week that he was sick of his long hair.  So we went to see Aunt Lisa yesterday so she could lower his ears.  His hair is short now like it used to be.  He has such a cute face and with the shorter hair his face really stands out.  Logan also found himself a new girlfriend.  He came home last week and “reluctantly” told us how their relationship came to be.  I quote the word ‘reluctantly’ because by no means was he forced to tell us nor did we ask, Logan just acted like he didn’t want to tell us but inside you knew he was dying to tell us… especially since it took him 3 minutes from the time he got home to unload this new information.  My new daughter-in-law-to-be’s name is Elise.  He said her friends asked him if he wanted to go out with her because she liked him.  They told him to let them know when he made his decision.  I asked him if he waited awhile to tell them his answer.  He looked at me with a straight face and said, “No”.  I like that; he doesn’t feel the need to play games.  He knows what he wants and goes for it.  Upon hearing this news I promptly went to the class picture to check this girl out.  She’s pretty cute.  But I feel sorry for her because next year when he sees Alex again it might be bye-bye to little Miss Elise and Hello Alex!

Baby Babbles

We have some new breakthroughs with little Luke.  He is now officially sleeping in his own bed at night.  He was a tough one to break and we went through some pretty intense negotiations but we finally came to an agreement.  In the negotiations he worked it out that he will continue to be fed upon demand during the night, he still would like to be rocked to sleep, or at least rocked until very drowsy, and he wanted the space heater on in his room to make up for the lack of body heat he is now without since he doesn’t get to snuggle up to me all night.  As I said, he runs a tough bargain, but we agreed to the terms and all are happy.  He also threw in some longer stints of time in between feedings at night.  He will sometimes go from 7:00 until around 1:00 before eating again.  This makes mommy very happy.  I get to sleep more, Keith gets his wife back (in every sense) and Luke even seems to sleep better when in his crib.  During the day, however, he usually sleeps most of the time in his swing.  We’ll work on that later.  Luke also went to daycare for the first time this week.  I was so stressed out about it and worked myself up for nothing.  I typed up a page-long list of instructions and a schedule for her to follow outlined by feedings, sleep, and soothing techniques.  I was stressed out for nothing.  Darlene is such a good daycare provider that I had no reason to worry.  She just ate him up and handled everything perfectly.  She’s so laid back about her approach to taking care of babies.  She said she’d just take her cues from him and they got along just fine.  She didn’t want to give him back when I came to pick him up.  They officially bonded and are life-long friends.  Luke also got his shots on Thursday.  I, of course, made Keith take him.  He had to get 5 shots!  All I do is bawl so it’s better that I don’t go.  Poor baby.

Lukey on Mommy

Keith’s Korner

Keith had a class today so he was unable to coach the game.  Logan’s friend, Austin’s, dad coached in Keith’s absence.  Keith registered for another class toward his Fire Officer Degree.  It’s mostly done remotely but he has two all-day Saturday classes, today being one of them.  Keith has been enjoying coaching Logan’s team.  They usually practice once a week and have games every Saturday.  He’s very good with the kids and plays a more passive role rather than one where he’s yelling at them and telling them what they should be doing.  He realizes that they are only 4th and 5th graders and coaches them as so.  He focuses on their strengths and doesn’t harp on them too much during games like some of the coaches do.  You would think it was the NCAA finals with some of the coaches.  Other than his coaching, work and school, Keith has been pulling double time at home with the boys.  He had his first dose of reality last week with all the kids.  He is so good with the kids and just takes it in stride.  He genuinely loves being with his boys and just hanging out.  He’s pretty much at Levi’s disposal for whatever he would like to do.  He balances taking care of the baby with playing with Levi and making sure Logan gets ready and off to school each day.  He impresses me on a daily basis with his natural abilities of being a good dad – and still manages to make me feel like a princess at all times.  I don’t know how he does it but he makes me fall in love with him more and more each day.  He is truly an amazing person and I am lucky to have him as my best friend, husband and father of my kids.

Mollye’s Mentionables

I am officially back to work and worked my first 40-hour week this week.  I only worked half a week the week before due to the holiday and I was very sick with a sinus infection.  I ended up going to the walk-in clinic last Tuesday because I couldn’t take the pain any longer.  I had a sinus infection in both sinuses on either side of my nose.  They are just the worst!  And this followed a month of catching one strand of a cold after another.  I am FINALLY feeling almost 100%.  I was feeling quite sorry for myself dealing with being sick and sleep deprived.  A girl can only handle so much!  Work-wise, everything is going really well.  I really enjoy my job and my new duties.  It’s pretty hectic and I still have a lot to learn but I really like what I do and my boss is so very cool.  She spoils me and gives me a lot of freedom.  I am now mimicking East Coast hours since I am responsible for payroll and have to meet deadlines which are based on East Coast time.  So I work from 6-3.  I actually like these hours.  I thought I might have a hard time with it but it’s nice getting off at 3.  Luke usually wants to eat around 5:30am so that works out perfectly because I just go straight to work after I nurse him.  He will usually sleep for another two hours after that.  And when Keith is at work I will take the kids to daycare once the boys are up, which is anywhere between 7 and 8.  I plan on running at 3:00 on the days Keith works and then get the boys after that.  So everything is falling into place and we are developing our routine.  Life is good.


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