The Day Has Arrived!

This is the day our family anticipates once the winds pick up, the temperatures start to drop, and the days get shorter.  It’s that wonderful time of year when everything goes from sunny and warm to spooky and dark.  There’s a chill in the air, goblins peer around every corner, ghosts wisp by us in the night, witches cackle from their brooms.  Oh yes it’s here!  The day we decorate for Halloween.

This day is scheduled months in advance in order to avoid any conflicts that may get in the way.  We took down all the boring ol’ regular decorations and placed them on the kitchen table in order to make room for all that’s scary.


The kids all help take out the Halloween decorations from the bins, of course turning them into toys and playing with them as I’m trying to place them in the perfect place for optimal scare and spook.  I ingrain their affinity for Halloween when they’re very young.  You know it’s worked when your 17 year old partakes in the decorating festivities and insists his bathroom is decorated as well.  After the kids are done playing with the decorations they will attempt to place them where they see fit, then I go behind them and place them where I see fit.  Usually in a completely different section of the house.  They try.  But Mommy knows best.

After all the Halloween decorations are placed, I look around at all the newspaper wrappings spread throughout the house, the regular decorations still scattered all over the kitchen table, no sign of kids.  In typical kid fashion they love to help with the fun stuff but are nowhere in sight for the clean-up.  Sigh.

After everything is cleaned up and the husband puts all the bins away we put in The Nightmare Before Christmas to top off the decorating ceremony.  It’s rainy, windy, and cool outside.  And I couldn’t be happier.  I lit my caramel apple candle and sat down to type my blog.  I love this time of year.



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