First Guest Post!

I get the day off today (sorta) from writing a post on my own blog.  Today my good friend, fellow blogger, amazing mom, wife, and business woman (all of which I admire) was so very kind to feature me on her very popular blog.  She is someone I adore, which makes it that much more special to me.  If you like witty, smartass, talented, stylish people, you should get to know and follow Kendra as well!

Check it out!

Kendra Kay Pahukoa

Oh, and she’s a mean scuba diver.  That’s a story for another time.

Scuba Diving


3 thoughts on “First Guest Post!

  1. Hopping over from Kendra’s blog. I just have to tell you our stories are SO similar. My lay off happened in March after 14 years, I too was working from home. It felt more like a release from a jail sentence than anything else. I’m focusing on my blog full-time and published my first e-book in August. Life is better than I ever could’ve imagined! Love the name of your blog and much success to you!

    • I love hearing that! Not the laid off part. Although I do agree it was the best thing to happen. That is crazy how similar our stories are. I’ll follow you so we can connect. What was your book about? I’ll download it via Kindle. That’s my next goal. Just need to find a focus/topic. Thanks for hopping over!

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