I decided to start a new segment called Wednesday Video Confessionals where I will share a video confessional of sorts and a glimpse into the Taylor Household.  It may not always be polished, I will most likely not have make-up on, the kids will be loud, my teenager will probably seldom make an appearance, and I will most certainly look tired.  I know I said one of my new goals is to stop saying how exhausted I am all the time.  I swear I’m trying.  But you’ll see in this confessional, I do, in fact, look exhausted.  And I say it.  Okay I’ll start trying harder next week.

This video is from Sunday.  My husband had been working since 7:00 that morning (he works 24-hour shifts).   The Seahawks played earlier against the Texans, and watching that game may have taken a year off my life.  The weather was rainy, windy and cold, so the kids were inside all day.  They were tired due to being up late the night before, which is not typical.  I was also up later than usual.  By the time dinner came around, the kids were still in their jammies, they’d taken their shirts off by this point, they were punchy, silly, and would not stop laughing.  So instead of getting mad and threatening to take away everything that’s important to them, I decided to instead record them.  You will no longer wonder why I’m finding it challenging to stop saying that I’m exhausted.


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