Introducing Lukey

Over the next 4 Thursdays I’m going to introduce each of my kids and their individual ways of making me the happiest and proudest mom on the planet.  Oh I know, we all say that about our kids.  But if I didn’t start it off that way what kind of mother would I be?

Lukey is our second to the youngest.  He will be turning 7 in a month.  He will be my most challenging of the 4 to capture in just one post since Lukey is probably one of the most unique and complex kids a person could meet.  We call him Lukey because he’s just too cute not to call Lukey.  And his big brown eyes will suck you in every time.


See?  Lukey makes us laugh by something he says everyday.  And also take pause.  It’s usually profound and it takes a minute to grasp just how profound his statements are.  We are concerned that he may be smarter than us by the time he turns 10.  That’s not a joke.  We’re really concerned.  He started memorizing square roots by the age of 5 and would explain to us how he came up with the equations.

Lukey is very literal.  The phrase “out of the mouth of babes” could have been coined with him in mind.  You’re almost scared of what he’ll say because for one, it’s deep.  Two, he may call you out on some behavior or personality trait you’re not exactly proud of and most kids would not necessarily have noticed.  Or say.  In public.  With witnesses.  Three, he analyzes every situation, every conversation, every rule, and will blow holes in all of them.  And he’s usually right.  We’ve developed thick skin throughout the years.  And he’s only 6.  And what tops off his words, is his delivery.  It’s usually with a straight face and quizzical, questioning look.  It’s as if he’s thinking, “Why are you so stupid?”  I’ve been questioning that myself since he was old enough to talk.

I’ve learned not to take personal offense when he talks.  He’s dissected and critiqued pretty much every part of my body.  He calls the lady parts “baginas” (sorry about the TMI).  He also says that baginas are weird looking.  Again, I don’t take offense.  I’m sure it’s not.  I think.  He does make you question yourself and your self esteem.  And existence.  He’s asked why I don’t have big boobs.  Why I have lines under my eyes.  He traces the veins in my hands that are apparently also weird looking.  The media has nothing on Luke on making me feel a little self conscious about my body.

I think as parents we all learn from our children.  They teach us just as much as we teach them.  I’ve learned patience, humility, forgiveness, and to realize AND admit when I’m wrong.  With all that comes with having Lukey in our lives, I think he’s taught me the most about these things.  When you’re in the auto-pilot mode of hustling the kids to wash their hands for dinner, telling them they need to hurry, and your 6-year old calmly asks you, “Mom, why are you in such a hurry and acting like this?”, it makes you take pause.  I told you he does that.  With one question he makes you check yourself.  He does this often and I’m thankful for that.

We wonder constantly what he’ll end up being in life.  I know it will be amazing.  Just curious how he’ll use his unique ways and analytical mind.  He’s got a leg up on most of us with his clear thoughts and no BS approach to situations.  He has no idea how much we learn from him.  Nothing like being taught humility by a child.  I think we all need that.  I happen to get it from my Lukey.


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