Introducing Levi

Since Levi is the birthday boy this week I decided to introduce him next. Levi just turned 9 on Tuesday and is our second oldest. Let’s see, where do I start with my little Levi. Levi is probably my most head strong, stubborn, manipulative (with his brothers or when he wants something), inquisitive, and most creative of our kids (so far). He’s also very sweet and kind, especially when he wants something. Although that sorta goes back to the manipulative part.

With all the adjectives I use to describe Levi, those same adjectives could have been used to describe me as a kid. I was probably one of the most head strong, stubborn kids to come into this world. That must have really sucked for my mom and dad. Don’t worry, I’ve apologized many times to my parents since becoming a parent myself. Kids are selfish and thankless. Once you become a parent, you realize that as painfully and suddenly as a brick flying through the air smashing into your face. Where were we? Oh yes, Levi. I digress…

Levi keeps us on our toes each and every day. I’m constantly changing up my parenting techniques in order to accommodate the many ways he challenges us. My first born is very laid back and chill. Levi is tenacious and the opposite of chill. So when he came bursting into our lives, you can imagine the shock and adjustments we’ve had to make as parents.

Levi’s creativity amazes us.  He has been writing books since he was old enough to write. We have a bin full of books that he’s written. He’s even “published” them via our copying machine and sold them to friends and family at parties and gatherings. His 1st grade teacher asked if she could keep one of his books he made about numbers to have in her class library for kids to check out because of how educational and creative it was. As a writer and future published author, this makes Mommy very proud.  Oh, did I mention he started his own blog?  I’ll be sharing that soon.  Stay tuned!

Levi is one of those kids who wants to be a part of every adult conversation. You know those kids. We weren’t able to use the “spelling tactic” for very long with Levi. You know, when Mommy and Daddy talk about “S-E-X”. He caught onto those conversations and spelling very early. He also inquires about any and all conversations involving people we’re discussing, events of the day, or menial gossip. He wants to know all the details and won’t stop asking until we give him something. Like I said, tenacious and inquisitive.

We’re also seeing a little athlete develop. Our two middle kids are in flag football and it was soon discovered that Levi is fast (he can thank his dad for that), can cut and dodge through a pack of kids zoning in on his flag, and can score touchdowns by doing all the above.  This makes Daddy especially proud.

Levi Football Collage.pptx

With everything that comes along with raising Levi — his head strong mentality, stubbornness, and challenging moments — also comes this amazing, brilliant, creative, sweet boy we know and love.  He reads books to his brothers, has a bashful face about him when you tell him how special he is, makes friends with any and all kids within a 100-feet radius of him, and has one of the most infectious laughs your ears can take.  I’ll tackle any challenge he brings my way.  He’s worth every effort.

Levi Blog Photo

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