House Full of Boys

Have you ever met one of those moms whose house is always immaculate?  Whenever you come over, even unannounced, her house is not only picked up, but clean?  Everything has a place.  There’s no clutter on the counters, nothing on the floor that shouldn’t be.  House smells of freshly polished furniture and bleach-blessed sinks.  Ya, I’m not one of those moms.

But I have an excuse!  I mean, honestly, I think all moms do.  Not all moms take advantage of this excuse to get out of having everything immaculate.  But they should.  I do.  Listen, I used to be much better about making sure everything was in its place.  I would never have considered stepping over a misplaced item instead of taking the time to bend over and pick it up and put it away.  It’s much easier to pretend you didn’t see it and just step over it.  At least the first six times you do it.  But it was a different situation back then.  We lived in an 800-square foot house with only one kid.  We’ve since tripled our square footage and quadrupled our kids.  And added a dog.  I can’t possibly have an immaculate house at all times.  Especially if you show up unannounced.

Okay, now that you have this horrid vision of my house and picture my kids walking through a maze of clothes, toys and filth on the floor and cockroaches crawling out of the bathtub, I feel like I need to defend myself just a little.  I do clean all 3 of my bathrooms weekly.  We vacuum almost daily.  I make my kids clean their rooms…um…sometimes.  Between me and my husband, we keep up with the laundry.  Most of the time.   My husband is also very anal about organizing and cleaning off our counters every day he’s not on duty.  So there, it’s not that bad.  But seriously, don’t stop over unannounced.

So we don’t live in a complete pig sty, but we do live in a house full of boys.  And boys are messy.  And cause damage.  A lot.  I thought I’d give a little glimpse of what boys do to your house.  Keep in mind we have four of them, ages ranging from 5 to 17.  And this is just the stuff we haven’t fixed or replaced already.  There’s a lot more we no longer have photographic proof of.

Boys will put stickers on just about anything.  And stickers are really hard to get off of things like cabinets.  And windows.

Levi's Dresser

Levi’s Dresser

Sliding glass door with big sticker right in the middle.

Sliding glass door with big sticker right in the middle.

Cabinets (those stickers have been there for about 2 years).

Cabinets (those stickers have been there for about 2 years).

This is what it looks like in Luke and Layton’s closet after they’ve “cleaned their room.”

"We cleaned our room, Mom!"

“We cleaned our room, Mom!”

We’ve painted our trim 3 times since moving in 7 years ago.  This is what it looks like currently.  In defense of the trim, they did install really cheap trim.  You’d think we’d just replace it.  You would think.

Living room

Living room



Kitchen Doorway (also has shoe marks up the entire thing from the kids climbing the wall.  Daily).

Kitchen Doorway (also has shoe marks up the entire frame from the kids climbing the wall. Daily).

There are ALWAYS toys on the floor, under our furniture, in our furniture, in our bed, under our bed, in our bathroom, in the kitchen, on the counter, on the stairs, out on the lawn, on the kitchen table, under the kitchen table, in the laundry room, in each of their beds, and any other place you can possibly think.  And some in places you wouldn’t think.


Would you ever think a child could break the porcelain on your toilet?  Layton managed to figure a way.  This is Daddy’s attempt of gluing it until we order a replacement lid.  This was 3 months ago.  It’s still there.


Furniture lasts for a limited time in our house.  We’ve replaced and upgraded many pieces due to wear and tear from the kids.  Sometimes we think of creative ways to preserve certain items in the interest of saving money.

Yes that's electrical tape around the chair spindle.  Blends in well, right?

Yes that’s electrical tape around the chair spindle. Blends in nicely, don’t you think?

Screens are a constant casualty.  We now no longer have a sliding screen door.  There’s only so many times you can replace a screen before your husband angrily rips the door out of its track.  The front windows are another target.  It’s more fun to wave at someone from the window if you can actually stick your hand out.


And then there’s the teenager.  I honestly don’t like going into his room.  I’m scared of what I’ll find or see.  On so many different levels.  I braved it today to get some photos.  It’s bad.

How many blankets does he need?  And why is his mattress half off the box?

How many blankets does he need? And why is his mattress half off the box spring?


Yes that’s a hole in his base board.

I think I see carpet...?

I think I see carpet…?

So you see now why I don’t mind taking advantage of the excuse of having kids?  And having four boys gives me a little extra sympathy I would think.  I’ll use whatever excuse I can get.  Boys are messy, destructive, dirty, often times smelly, and I couldn’t imagine one day without them.

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6 thoughts on “House Full of Boys

  1. This is so funny Mollye! I love it and it makes me feel better to see I am not the only one with boys whose house is cluttered (with love)! ~ Ellen

  2. What a joy to read your blog, Mollye ! Your Aunt Vesta Senger’s daughter ,Jennifer,
    is writer also. You sound alike! Your messy boys blog is typical of Growing children.I loved it ! Aunt Janet Brant

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