Introducing Logan

This week I chose my oldest, Logan, to feature on my blog.  Logan is 17, a senior in high school, and in no hurry to grow up.  And I love it.  Logan tells us all the time that he doesn’t want to move out and wants to remain a kid.  He says this jokingly of course.  I think.  But as a mom, it’s music to my ears.  It also makes me think we must be doing something right if he doesn’t want to leave, right?  Plus, it’s motivation to stay in school through college graduation.  He knows if he stays in school he can continue to ride the gravy train of Mom and Dad.  Either way you look at it, I get to keep my baby home longer.

I had Logan when I was 20 years old.  I do NOT recommend getting pregnant at 19 and having a baby at 20.  Although I would not change a single thing about my life because it’s led me to where I am now, I still don’t recommend it.  Since the day Logan was born, I was a changed woman.  All women are when they enter motherhood.  Logan gave me a whole new outlook on life and what I wanted out of it.  When that baby was placed into my arms I no longer lived for myself.  I had a purpose.  It was to protect and care for this child.  In many ways, Logan and I grew up together through the years.


Logan is one of those kids who’s easy to like, easy to love.  People are drawn to Logan.  If you could use the word charismatic for a person as young as an infant, then that is the word you would have used.


Now at 17, he’s just as much the charismatic kid as he was as a baby.  He has an easy smile, an easy laugh, an easy way about him.  I always refer to one’s “energy” (which Logan hates by the way), and when describing Logan, you would say he has good energy.  You just know these things about people.  It’s immediate.  We don’t sometimes know why or why not we like someone — I call that energy.  Logan’s got the energy you want and seek.

I’ve always had people tell me they think Logan is a neat kid.  I mean I’ve always known that too, but I’m biased.  But when you hear from those who have known Logan for awhile, or even those who just met him, that you have a neat kid, that says something.  If you don’t have a neat-worthy-mentioning kid, people don’t say it.  At least I don’t.  You just don’t say anything at all.  But with Logan, I hear it.  And I know it.  He will converse with just about anyone.  He’s witty, smart, socially on-point, and his sense of humor is seriously off the hook.  Wait, do people still say off the hook?  Well it is.  He’s seriously funny.

Logan is also one of the most laid back kids you’ll ever meet.  I’m obviously female, but I remember being 17 and I was anything but laid back.  I was a hot mess full of piss and vinegar, hormones, attitude, and anything else you don’t want your teenager to represent.  I know my parents were waiting for this time to come where they could secretly revel in the sweet justice they would have when my children became teenagers to repay every single gray hair I gave them.  Well guess what?  It hasn’t happened (don’t worry, I just knocked on wood).  Logan doesn’t party, comes home on time, surrounds himself with good people, rarely gives attitude (even when he does it’s easily nipped in the bud with just one look from Dad or a stern voice and not-gonna-put-up-with-it tone from Mom).  I mean as far as teenagers go, I’ve hit the jackpot.  Now, I do realize I have three more kids to go so I’m not getting too excited.  Levi’s concerning.  I’ll just say that.

Logan has given me joy, pride, vulnerability, laughter, a purpose beyond my own selfishness, and a friend in the making.  I’ve always kept the fine balance between Mom and friend, but when your child approaches 18, you see that friend you always knew would appear in your child you’ve raised since he was a baby.  I will look at Logan and sometimes see a man, yet still see that little baby I fell in love with so many years ago.  I am honored to be this person’s mom.  I have all the memories of every milestone, every year, the ups and downs, and everything and anything in between.  Like I said, Logan and I grew up together.  I will be forever grateful for everything he taught me.  And still does.  I am better because of him.

Oh, did I mention that he’s gorgeous?  (sigh)


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