Flashback Friday – Taylor Tribune – 8/09/06

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Today is going to be around 85 and sunny.  It’s a perfect August day in the Puget Sound; no wind, no humidity, no clouds.  What more could you ask for?  The rest of the week will be a little cooler with cloudy skies in the morning and turn into sun in the afternoon.  Pretty much a typical day here in the Seattle Metro area.  Keith and Levi are both sleeping.  Keith was up half the night with calls.  Levi is taking his daily nappy pooh.  I just fixed myself some lunch and thought I’d better sit down and write myself the Tribune!  It has been a pretty non-eventful week in the Taylor household.  Keith worked an extra shift on Thursday for someone, but other than that, pretty status quo!

Toddler Tantrums

Levi has been busy as ever.  He is constantly on the go with many things to do and explore.  He’s always back and forth from his room to the living room.  He will go and play in his room for a while and then bring out some toys and play with them in the living room.  He’s like his Mama and doesn’t like to be alone.  We keep half of his toys in the living room since he ends up bringing them all out anyway.  He definitely has his favorites.  He has a Weeble Wobble camper that he plays with most of the time.  He also has a few Matchbox cars that he favors.  Mostly he drives them all around and then tries and put the Matchbox cars in the Weeble Wobble camper.  He likes cars so much I decided to go get some more at Target yesterday.  We picked up one that after you shake it, it will take off for about 20 feet.  It’s pretty cool!  We also got a car from the movie Cars that he really likes.  That one he decided needed to go to bed with him last night.  It’s a soft cushy car and he likes that.  Levi continues to call us all Daddy.  Now he has resorted to calling everyone Daddy.  I took him to the grocery store this morning and he pointed to 3 different men in the parking lot and said, “Dada”.  I just sort of look at them like, don’t worry, he’s not yours.  I don’t have time to stop and explain to them that everyone’s “Dada”.  Levi has decided to start crying now when we drop him off at daycare.  He’s been going to daycare since he was 6 months old and has never cried when we leave him.  But that has all changed.   I remember from Logan that it’s best to just make the goodbyes quick and walk away when they do that.  And Darlene assured me the other day that the minute we walk out he stops and begins to play.  Kids are little dickens (that was a shout out to my Grandma Aukerman).    Levi is expanding his vocabulary on a daily basis.  His new favorite is fish.  Logan taught him that one.  However, it comes out, “shish”.  He loves it when he sees a fish on TV because he points and yells, “Shish, shish, shish, shish” until we acknowledge that he did in fact see a fish.  Shish!


Life of Logan

Our little camper has an hour and counting until we ship him off for a full week of camp and outdoor fun!  We got his poncho yesterday which was last thing on our list.  I have everything marked with his name and packed neatly.  I have spent the day showing him where things are in his bag and explaining to him that he needs to be responsible for keeping track of all his belongings and making sure he puts things away when he’s done.  I explained that Mom and Dad will not be there to remind him of anything.  It stresses me out sending him for a week somewhere and me not being able to help him.  I explained to him that he can only wear one outfit per day because there’s no laundry service at camp (this one took a few times to sink in).  I explained that he needs to hang up his towel when finished and that there is a specific towel for after showers and one for after swimming and he need not mix them up.  I just want to hang out in his cabin to make sure he remembers everything I am telling him.  I showed him where I put his stationary and that he needs to put the pen back after writing letters so he doesn’t lose it.  I know Logan, and he can be very absent-minded when it comes to things like this.  I’m thinking about suggesting the camp add a “Mom Cabin” for us mothers who will stress out all week wondering if their child lost their toothbrush on the first day.  I have his undies all neatly packed and his socks all in a row for each day.  His friends were all playing down stairs while I was in his room packing and I kept yelling for Logan to come in so I could explain things to him.  I heard one of his friends ask why I kept telling him he only had one pair of underwear for each day.  That was my clue to shut up and let things be.

My_boys_are_the_cutest__ Logan_posing

Keith’s Korner

Keith’s still snoozing away.  He’s has about 10 minutes until I’m finished with writing the Tribune before I go ravish him and wake him up.  Oh wait, I will go wake him up which will end the dream where I’m ravishing him.  I had that confused.  Poor guy was up half the night.  He said at about 2 o’ clock this morning he was lying in his bed with the window open and could hear the cars going by on I-5.  All of a sudden he heard breaks lock up, tires spinning and screeching, and then a long round of crashes.  He knew it was only a matter of minutes before they were toned out for an MVA.  Apparently a young gal was intoxicated and slammed into the median and then into a vehicle with a couple and two kids and flipped them over several times.  It really makes you think about the dangers of drunk driving and that it does cause accidents and death.  Fortunately, there were no fatalities.  Friday night we had Keith’s friend, Ronnie, and his wife, Sandy, and their little one-month over for dinner.  Ronnie and Keith are in the band together and have been friends since they were in school.  Not sure what age (I’ll ask him when he wakes up).  We had a really good time and even managed to play some Trivial Pursuit.  We really like them and I know Keith enjoyed spending time with his buddy.  Keith put in the second garage door opener this week so now we have two fully functioning garage doors!  He amazes me with his ability to just put things together and have them actually work.  I know he’s proud of himself when he accomplishes things like that.  I know I am!  Keith goes back to work tomorrow and again on Wednesday and then has four days off.  A much needed break!

Hormonal Confessions

I have been continuing my inability to sleep well.  It’s mostly caused by Restless Leg Syndrome, but also coupled by a big tummy and a multitude of thoughts that just won’t go away.  Sometimes I think I do my best thinking at 3 o’clock in the morning.  I’m always thinking of things I need to do, things that are stressing me out, and things that have happened in the past that bother me.  It’s very strange.  So this morning at around 5 o’clock I started thinking why I only stay up and dwell on all the negative things in my life.  If I’m going to lie awake and not be able to sleep then why not think about good things?  So I started thinking about when Keith and I first got together and our whirlwind romance.  I was thinking how we just knew we were the one for each other and that was it.  Before I knew it I was back asleep and it was 8 o’clock.  So I think I’m on to something… I’m going to stop worrying so much and concentrate on the good.  The good apparently doesn’t keep you up at night!


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