DIY or bust!

I debated whether I should admit this, let alone post it.  After all, when you log into Pinterest or Google ideas for the home, decorating, frugal living, money-saving tips, and anything else to stir up your creative juices or save a dime, all that appears in your search is DIY this, DIY that, DIY Halloween costumes, DIY crafts, DIY decorations… DIY, DIY, DIY!!!  I didn’t know what DIY was for an embarrassingly long time.  Oh, for those of you who still don’t know and are embarrassed to ask, I’ll save you the time of Googling it.  It stands for Do It Yourself.

I’m actually not opposed to doing things myself.  I love to cook wallet-friendly meals and doing DIY home projects.  Although, my home projects usually involve my vision and my husband’s manpower.  One of my favorite visions is the one I had for our back patio.  We ordered a cement stamper from Amazon and the description said “create a patio in just one afternoon!”  Well let’s just put it this way, it didn’t take one afternoon and my husband will never let me order DIY parts or tools by myself again.  Ever.


Half Complete

But let’s look on the bright side.  I got to watch my husband for many days working outside with his shirt off.  Plus he really came out on top on this one.  I mean, he did get a cement mixer out of the whole deal after all.

Patio Keith

Cement Mixer

So I guess we could call it DIH (Do It Husband).  But regardless of who does the actual work, me or my husband, it does get done by one of us.  So that’s technically DIY.  I mean the acronym isn’t important, it’s more about saving money, right?  And we now have a beautiful outdoor patio and fireplace area where we spent hours hanging out and roasting s’mores all summer long.  Thank you, Honey!


But the DIY home projects is not the part I’m ashamed of.  I know my husband secretly likes to do these projects.  The thing is, as moms, I feel like we are expected to do DIY crafts.  You can’t get through a complete scroll on Pinterest or half-way down WordPress reading Mom blogs without seeing some amazing mom’s crafts she did with “simple instructions” and “only a few items” that “only takes an hour”.  My head starts to hurt when I read these supposedly simple instructions.  It’s like as moms we’re supposed to have this innate ability and desire to do crafts with our kids.  And to make things worse, our kids beg us to do them!

Okay, it’s not like I’ve never sat down to do crafts with my kids.  It’s just that they’re usually very simple.  For realsies.  A five-year old can do them without a Martha Stewart workshop to prep them.  I’m just one of those moms who feels inept sometimes (or probably more likely guilty) that I don’t have this overwhelming desire to do all these amazing crafts.  Please tell me there are other moms out there who feel the same.  And those moms out there who are gifted in this area, I give props to you!  We all have our strengths.  Crafting apparently isn’t mine.

Now if you want to know what brand of Pinot Noir is the best buy for your money, call me.  Like I said, we all have our strengths.

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