I’m over you Halloween

Get out of my house witches and goblins and come on in pumpkin pie and fall foliage.  I love Halloween but by the time October 28th rolls around, I’m sorta over it.  I’m so ready for it to arrive but probably more ready for it to leave.  Now I have thoughts of thanks, warm fires and hanging with family.  It always amazes me how much an upcoming holiday consumes our daily lives, thoughts, plans, house décor and entire sections of stores.  I love each and every one of our fall and winter holidays, and I give each of them my undivided attention.  That’s why when one holiday is over and another one is approaching, I switch modes immediately in order to give the appropriate dedication to the upcoming one.

I woke up the morning after Halloween and I could barely stand to look at my Halloween decorations.  I wanted to rip them all down in one dramatic sweep of my arm like those hot love scenes in movies where the man shoves everything off a desk with one arm sweep right before he takes the woman.  In my version I would place Thanksgiving décor in place of all the Halloween decorations that are now laying all over the floor.  I do feel a little guilty about my sudden abandonment of one of my favorite holidays.  But I must admit, I’ve moved on.

As my parting gift to Halloween, I am sharing some of our moments this past Halloween season.  Until next year, Halloween!

IMG_3839[1] IMG_3838[1] IMG_3530[1]IMG_3842[1]IMG_3841[1]IMG_3843[1]


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