Holiday Craziness & Christmas Magic (and Go Hawks!)

Crazy how fast the holiday season has gone. Four days away from Christmas and I don’t even think my Thanksgiving turkey is completely digested. Okay, that’s a little gross, but you get my point.

Even though it’s going fast, it hasn’t been too hectic this year. Not sure if it’s because Thanksgiving was later or if it’s because I broke my foot and haven’t been able to run around like crazy doing Christmas shopping, holiday parties, and everything else that comes along with the holidays. I did manage to get a baking weekend in with my mom and BFF — all while on a scooter — my newest holiday accessory.


The kids are officially bouncing off the walls and in full Christmas countdown mode. Two whole weeks of Christmas vacation started early on Friday due to a snow day. Is it wrong that we were looking forward to that last day of having some adult time while the kids were at school? Wrong or right, we were looking forward to it. But the kids sure had fun!


I’ve been busy with my new role as the Verity Mom since I won the contest last month. I signed a year contract to blog for Verity Credit Union on being a mom. Yes I’m officially a mom blogger. Well I already was a mom blogger, but now I actually get paid to blog!  And I haven’t been happier in any job ever. Ever. But as a result I haven’t been able to blog as much on my personal blog. If you missed me you can still follow me as the Verity Mom via Twitter, Facebook, or subscribe via email at the Verity Mom site. I would love it!

So now we’re in the last stretch with only 4 days left until Christmas. I actually look forward to Christmas Eve the most. Once Christmas morning hits and all the presents and planning you spend months prepping for get ripped into in about 8 minutes, I’m sorta over it. I mean I love spending time with my family and celebrating the Reason for the season, but the magic of Christmas seems to slowly fizzle after that. Christmas Eve still holds the spirit and anticipation of the holiday. It’s the day you literally feel that magic you did when you were a kid knowing Christmas was the next day — knowing Santa was going to visit your house that night. We would talk about where he was around the world during Christmas Eve since we didn’t have Norad Santa Tracker to know exactly where he was. We just had to guess. Not sure which is better.

Hoping you all have a peaceful and joyous holiday. And more importantly, hope you find the magic in it all.

I’ll leave you with a video my husband and I put together. Consider it an early Christmas gift.

Happy Holidays and Go Hawks!



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