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Next Verity Mom

This has been the longest, most intense interview process I’ve ever experienced.  I started this process mid-September and just found out yesterday that I will take the reigns as the next Verity Mom!  I’ve said from the beginning that this would be a dream come true, and I’m here to tell you, I’m either dreaming, or I’m about to live out a dream.  If I’m dreaming, please don’t wake me because I’m just too excited for it to end!

This whole process started out 2 months ago with 35 applicants, then narrowed down to 15, then the top 3, and just yesterday, it was announced I would take over for the next year to represent Seattle area moms and Verity Credit Union as the next Verity Mom.  During this entire process I learned a lot about myself, what I thought were my limits and going beyond, and also a whole lotta ’bout some amazing people in my life.

I also learned what an amazing organization Verity Credit Union is.  I came fresh off working for a large corporation for eight years submersed into a corporate mentality of sink or swim and forgot how awesome companies who genuinely care about their employees can be.  There are many amazing and motivating companies out there.  I am so glad to be back with one where the energy is felt from the minute you walk in the door, to each person you meet who works there, to the extraordinary vision it has giving Moms a voice and platform to represent other moms.  Go Moms!

I am lucky and fortunate enough to be that person.  What a privilege, honor, and great responsibility I have.  I look forward to this challenge and can’t wait to share it with all of you.  Thank you for joining me in this journey!  Good things are coming our way.

Could I be the next Verity Mom??

The applications, videos, blog submissions, and votes are in from the top 15. The Verity Mom Meet-Up is over (and was amazing by the way), and the Verity Mom Team has made their decision. The top 3 have been decided upon, and lucky me, I’m one of them! It’s been a long process — I submitted my application on September 3rd! — and it’s still not over. But I would have to say the hardest part is behind me. It started out with 35 amazing moms, then narrowed down to 15, and now down to the final 3. I feel lucky to have been a part of such an unbelievable journey with all 35 moms, let alone end up in the top 3.

I woke up at 5:00am yesterday morning anxiously awaiting Verity’s decision on who they selected for the final 3, as were all the final 15 candidates. We spent several hours on Monday at Verity Credit Union’s headquarters in North Seattle meeting with the final 15 candidates and the incredible Verity Credit Union team. And when I say incredible, I mean incredible. From the moment you walk in their doors to each moment we spent during the intense “stations” and camaraderie-filled break room conversations, we were treated with enthusiasm, excitement, and the genuine respect you can’t fake or force — it’s something that emanates from people who are genuinely happy with where they work. This is one of the reasons why I am so passionate about this organization.

Being in the top 3 leaves me with mixed emotions including pride, excitement, determination and a little bit of sadness. I know how much I want this opportunity and the hours I’ve spent dedicating myself so that I represented the best possible me I could. But I know each of the top 15 put just as much of themselves into this opportunity hoping for the same result. So with that I feel sadness.  I am proud of the company I held, and still do with the final 3.

But now that it’s down to 3, I need your votes! In case you need some reasons to vote for me, I put together a video of the reasons why I would make the best Verity Mom and why you should vote for me.

Click Here to Vote for Mollye

Verity Mom Blogger Contest Voting Begins!

Today is the day!  Voting begins to vote for me to be the next Verity Mom Blogger.  Verity Credit Union rolled out the first Verity Mom contest 4 years ago.  If you think about it, it’s actually a brilliant marketing tactic to spread the word about their offerings and services as a credit union.  They hire a “mom” to blog for them via video and type on being a mom, promoting Verity’s services, and providing financial tips on cost-effective measures we can take, most of which is done through social media.  Sign me up!  I’m their gal.

If you haven’t seen my video and blog application, you can check it out here.  There are 35 entries, mine included.  Voting starts today, October 7th at noon PST, and runs through October 14th noon PST.  Each person can vote one time per email.  The top 15 go to the next round (yes I will be asking for your votes again if I make it to the 3rd round – thanks in advance!).

I thought I would make it easy on all of you and put together this video with some helpful tips and reminders on helping me get votes!

Click here to vote for me!

Thank you for voting and sharing!!

Is that just me?

So here I go… putting myself out there.  Making myself vulnerable.  Going after something I am so absolutely passionate about but at the same time doubting my abilities of accomplishing it.  You know that feeling?  Wanting something so badly that it makes you queasy with excitement but also feel nauseous with the notion you might not succeed.  Oh, is that just me?

Well I’m in that moment.  I am in a vulnerable state of not sure of what I’m doing, but also so driven with the vision that nothing can stop me, but also paralyzed by not being able to accomplish it.  Again, is that just me?

I’ve told pretty much anyone when asked what would make me happy career-wise, and passion-wise, it’s to write.  I’ve written a newsletter for family and friends, resumes and cover letters, newsletters professionally, contemplated writing a book, and most recently I’ve been writing my blog.  When I sit down to write my blog I get excited, feel empowered, feel alive, validated, and important.  Why does writing 500-600 words a week about my life and family provide all these amazing affirmations?  Because I love it.  I love everything about it.  I love to write, and I especially love to write about my family.

So today a friend texts me about this new blogger opportunity that came open.  I’ve read and followed this blog in the past.  There have been two so far and the reigns are being passed on for a third time.  What I wouldn’t do to have this opportunity.  I know I would be great.  I know I would represent this organization well.  So I did the unthinkable (unthinkable only in my mind) and I recorded and edited a video and submitted my application for consideration.

I put myself out there.  And for some odd reason, I’m not completely terrified.  I am not one who likes to be on video putting myself out there.  At least not until now.  Something about this new opportunity speaks to me like I’ve never felt before.  Ever feel like you are compelled beyond something outside of you and you look at what you’re doing and have no idea where this inner strength came from?  It’s as if it wasn’t you who is accomplishing this tremendous feat, but it really is.  I have these moments from time to time.  I don’t plan them nor can I predict them.  All of a sudden my self goes into autopilot and what I can accomplish amazes me.  Is that just me?

Well here I am.  Putting myself out there.  Even on video!  And I will admit, if it doesn’t work out, I will be bummed.  But I’m proud of myself nevertheless.  I’m proud of my feat, autopilot or not.  Here’s to those rare moments where you go for it and don’t look back.  Here’s to living outside your comfort zone.  Here’s to hoping it’s not just me. #veritymom

Check it out!!

August / September

As the end of August approaches and September looms in the near future, each year I have this recurring struggle with everything August represents as opposed to everything September represents. August is full of long, hot summer days. The kids don’t have a care in the world. They wake up all groggy-eyed, stumble into the living room to watch TV, play on the Ipad, or putter on the computer for a while. No concept or concern as to the time. If time enters their mind at all, it’s because they’re hungry. Their days are spent running around the neighborhood with whatever neighborhood kids they can muster up, most of them shoeless with feet the same color as the dirt that covers them. Their faces of a similar color from dirty hands rubbing their faces throughout the day. The sun hangs high in the sky for hours and hours and then drops into a colorful backsplash against the horizon. Then the August nights begin… s’mores around the fire pit, intense sessions of hide-n-seek, again all with no care as to what time it is, that is, until it’s time to head in and get ready for bed. Then it’s all bath time and bedtime routine. Bath time lasting a little longer in the summer because of the several layers of dirt and melted marshmallows smeared across their faces. Ah yes, August is a good month. Takes me back to those long, lazy days of summer as a child when time and dirt were of no concern.


Now enters Labor Day Weekend. The last weekend of the summer. The end of all that’s lazy, loose scheduled, and carefree. Something happens after this weekend. Visions of big, yellow suns, swimming pools, and s’mores, are replaced with dancing pencils and rulers in my head. It’s like a switch is flipped and summer comes to a screeching halt. Groggy-eyed, relaxed mornings are replaced with strict time schedules, hustled breakfasts, assembly lines of teeth brushing and clothes dressing, packing lunches, organizing backpacks, finding missing shoes – all of this before 9 AM. My mind immediately leaps to fall and Halloween (yes I know Halloween is in October). I happen to be unnaturally obsessed with Halloween – witches, bats, spiders, anything spooky, but that’s for another post.


I think why this whole shift from August to September intrigues me so much is because I feel like they are two distinct personalities, and when September hits, my personality changes along with the turn of the calendar. I’m all about back-to-school, fall, Halloween, turning leaves, fall clothes, tall boots, scarves, you name it! It gets me all fluttered and excited. But for this to all happen within a week so suddenly, it makes me feel a little sorry for August to get dumped so quickly as if it never mattered in the first place. After that month-long relationship of fun summer activities, how can I so quickly forget about our long lazy days together and everything August represented? I feel a little cold about my ability to shift gears so enthusiastically. But nevertheless, I do it every single year.

So for now, until September arrives, I’ll make sure to enjoy this last week of long summer days and fun summer nights. Who knows, I might even actually eat a s’more!