Wow Your Kids Are Well-Behaved

Do you ever take your kids out in public and think yours are the only ones not behaving or listening?  Oh, is that just us?  I mean, I think my kids are pretty well-behaved and I have control over them most of the time, but there are times (often) when we’re out in public, mostly at the grocery store since we don’t go many other places, it seems I’m constantly having to remind them of proper behavior.

“Stop fighting!”

“Stop running!”

“Stop licking that!”

“Stop grabbing things off the shelf!”

“Wait, where did Layton go?”

Then I look around and it appears there’s these little angels of children standing next to their mom or dad, patiently waiting for them to make their next food purchase choice.

Angel Kids

You see the occasional baby crying or toddler throwing an I-want-that-and-I’m-going-to-scream-bloody-murder-until-you’re-embarrassed-enough-to-buy-it-for-me fit, but those are the rare sightings it seems for me.  Mostly I see these children that just quietly walk two paces behind their parents allowing them the peaceful, thoughtful grocery-shopping experience I only get when I sneak out of the house and tell my husband, “I’ll be back in just a bit!”  As if I need to proclaim that my trip will be quick in order for my departure to be guilt-free leaving my husband home with all the kids.

Now keep in mind, my husband absolutely encourages me to go shopping alone or run errands without the kids, it’s just as moms, we still have that little trace of guilt whenever we dare to find a moment with just ourselves.  And as the kids get older, the guilt does seem to diminish some.  Not sure if we think the kids get somehow easier (they don’t) or we’re so worn out we’ll take those moments and run.  Guilt left behind.  I think I’m somewhere in that phase.  The alternative is taking the kids with me, making rushed food purchase decisions, darting evil glances from the mom with the perfect angel trailing quietly two paces behind her as my children tumble in a WWF heap in front of her cart abruptly ending her peaceful shopping experience.  Ya, I’m sorta getting over the guilt when leaving the kids behind.

I’m sure my kids aren’t as loud and obnoxious as I’m making them out to be.  After all, they are boys.  Boys are loud.  They have lots of energy.  And I have four of them.  And come to think of it, I think most the perfect little angels I see at the store are girls.  In ten years, their moms will be giving me the evil glances because she has to deal with a hormonal teenage daughter and I’ll be walking blissfully through the store as my non-hormonal sons are at home doing the list of chores I left for them.  Life’s all about trade-offs, isn’t it?

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Flashback Friday – Taylor Tribune – 8/09/06

Front Page Forum

Today is going to be around 85 and sunny.  It’s a perfect August day in the Puget Sound; no wind, no humidity, no clouds.  What more could you ask for?  The rest of the week will be a little cooler with cloudy skies in the morning and turn into sun in the afternoon.  Pretty much a typical day here in the Seattle Metro area.  Keith and Levi are both sleeping.  Keith was up half the night with calls.  Levi is taking his daily nappy pooh.  I just fixed myself some lunch and thought I’d better sit down and write myself the Tribune!  It has been a pretty non-eventful week in the Taylor household.  Keith worked an extra shift on Thursday for someone, but other than that, pretty status quo!

Toddler Tantrums

Levi has been busy as ever.  He is constantly on the go with many things to do and explore.  He’s always back and forth from his room to the living room.  He will go and play in his room for a while and then bring out some toys and play with them in the living room.  He’s like his Mama and doesn’t like to be alone.  We keep half of his toys in the living room since he ends up bringing them all out anyway.  He definitely has his favorites.  He has a Weeble Wobble camper that he plays with most of the time.  He also has a few Matchbox cars that he favors.  Mostly he drives them all around and then tries and put the Matchbox cars in the Weeble Wobble camper.  He likes cars so much I decided to go get some more at Target yesterday.  We picked up one that after you shake it, it will take off for about 20 feet.  It’s pretty cool!  We also got a car from the movie Cars that he really likes.  That one he decided needed to go to bed with him last night.  It’s a soft cushy car and he likes that.  Levi continues to call us all Daddy.  Now he has resorted to calling everyone Daddy.  I took him to the grocery store this morning and he pointed to 3 different men in the parking lot and said, “Dada”.  I just sort of look at them like, don’t worry, he’s not yours.  I don’t have time to stop and explain to them that everyone’s “Dada”.  Levi has decided to start crying now when we drop him off at daycare.  He’s been going to daycare since he was 6 months old and has never cried when we leave him.  But that has all changed.   I remember from Logan that it’s best to just make the goodbyes quick and walk away when they do that.  And Darlene assured me the other day that the minute we walk out he stops and begins to play.  Kids are little dickens (that was a shout out to my Grandma Aukerman).    Levi is expanding his vocabulary on a daily basis.  His new favorite is fish.  Logan taught him that one.  However, it comes out, “shish”.  He loves it when he sees a fish on TV because he points and yells, “Shish, shish, shish, shish” until we acknowledge that he did in fact see a fish.  Shish!


Life of Logan

Our little camper has an hour and counting until we ship him off for a full week of camp and outdoor fun!  We got his poncho yesterday which was last thing on our list.  I have everything marked with his name and packed neatly.  I have spent the day showing him where things are in his bag and explaining to him that he needs to be responsible for keeping track of all his belongings and making sure he puts things away when he’s done.  I explained that Mom and Dad will not be there to remind him of anything.  It stresses me out sending him for a week somewhere and me not being able to help him.  I explained to him that he can only wear one outfit per day because there’s no laundry service at camp (this one took a few times to sink in).  I explained that he needs to hang up his towel when finished and that there is a specific towel for after showers and one for after swimming and he need not mix them up.  I just want to hang out in his cabin to make sure he remembers everything I am telling him.  I showed him where I put his stationary and that he needs to put the pen back after writing letters so he doesn’t lose it.  I know Logan, and he can be very absent-minded when it comes to things like this.  I’m thinking about suggesting the camp add a “Mom Cabin” for us mothers who will stress out all week wondering if their child lost their toothbrush on the first day.  I have his undies all neatly packed and his socks all in a row for each day.  His friends were all playing down stairs while I was in his room packing and I kept yelling for Logan to come in so I could explain things to him.  I heard one of his friends ask why I kept telling him he only had one pair of underwear for each day.  That was my clue to shut up and let things be.

My_boys_are_the_cutest__ Logan_posing

Keith’s Korner

Keith’s still snoozing away.  He’s has about 10 minutes until I’m finished with writing the Tribune before I go ravish him and wake him up.  Oh wait, I will go wake him up which will end the dream where I’m ravishing him.  I had that confused.  Poor guy was up half the night.  He said at about 2 o’ clock this morning he was lying in his bed with the window open and could hear the cars going by on I-5.  All of a sudden he heard breaks lock up, tires spinning and screeching, and then a long round of crashes.  He knew it was only a matter of minutes before they were toned out for an MVA.  Apparently a young gal was intoxicated and slammed into the median and then into a vehicle with a couple and two kids and flipped them over several times.  It really makes you think about the dangers of drunk driving and that it does cause accidents and death.  Fortunately, there were no fatalities.  Friday night we had Keith’s friend, Ronnie, and his wife, Sandy, and their little one-month over for dinner.  Ronnie and Keith are in the band together and have been friends since they were in school.  Not sure what age (I’ll ask him when he wakes up).  We had a really good time and even managed to play some Trivial Pursuit.  We really like them and I know Keith enjoyed spending time with his buddy.  Keith put in the second garage door opener this week so now we have two fully functioning garage doors!  He amazes me with his ability to just put things together and have them actually work.  I know he’s proud of himself when he accomplishes things like that.  I know I am!  Keith goes back to work tomorrow and again on Wednesday and then has four days off.  A much needed break!

Hormonal Confessions

I have been continuing my inability to sleep well.  It’s mostly caused by Restless Leg Syndrome, but also coupled by a big tummy and a multitude of thoughts that just won’t go away.  Sometimes I think I do my best thinking at 3 o’clock in the morning.  I’m always thinking of things I need to do, things that are stressing me out, and things that have happened in the past that bother me.  It’s very strange.  So this morning at around 5 o’clock I started thinking why I only stay up and dwell on all the negative things in my life.  If I’m going to lie awake and not be able to sleep then why not think about good things?  So I started thinking about when Keith and I first got together and our whirlwind romance.  I was thinking how we just knew we were the one for each other and that was it.  Before I knew it I was back asleep and it was 8 o’clock.  So I think I’m on to something… I’m going to stop worrying so much and concentrate on the good.  The good apparently doesn’t keep you up at night!

Introducing Layton

Since Layton was my last I figured I’d introduce him last as well.  Only seemed fitting.  Layton is the baby, 5-years old, just started kindergarten, and is the most wonderful accident I’ve ever known.  I say “accident” because that’s exactly what he was.  After we had Luke, we were quite done having children.  We had 3 healthy boys and that was enough for us.  Or as much as we could handle.  Not so much.  Luke was 7 months old, I was still nursing him, I was on the mini-pill, just started sleeping fairly regularly with only one nightly feeding at that point, and I got pregnant.

To say we were surprised is an understatement.  To say we were thrilled would be a lie.  To say that my husband fell to the ground when I showed him the positive pregnancy test is a fact.  I remember sitting down next to him asking him what we were going to do.  After about 10 long deep breathes and a minute of silence he raised his head from his hand that had made an indent from gripping it and he said, “We’re going to have a baby.”

Layton Daddy

And that’s just what we did.  From the moment that little baby was placed into our arms, to every moment since, Layton has been the most joyous, amazing being a parent could ever want.  He was the missing piece from our family that we didn’t know was missing.  And he’s the perfect fit.  Now I’m not saying that we haven’t gone through some hard times.  I mean, I honestly don’t remember his first year much.  Picture yourself with an 11-year old, 3-year old, 16-month old and a newborn.  Now picture your husband gone for 24 hours at a time.  I don’t want to be left alone with a 3-year old at this point, let alone all the others.  I sometimes don’t know how we survived those first couple of years.  But I don’t want to think about not having all 4 of our boys.  You just make due and take it day by day — sometimes minute by minute.  Survival mode.

Layton is what you would call exuberant.  He’s the loudest child I’ve ever heard.  His volume is just usually turned up a notch higher than others.  At first appearance, you may think Layton is just this rough, loud boy that hardly settles down.  But the truth is, of all our boys, Layton has the most sweetest demeanor, even above Lukey, which is hard to believe.  He’s the first to give someone love if they’re hurt or upset, which is way more than what his brothers would do for him.  He’s lucky if they’ll acknowledge he’s hurt.  He’ll turn over a toy, even one he loves, to his brothers if they’re upset.  Again, not something commonly seen by the others.  He’ll just walk up and grab my hand and give it a kiss out of nowhere.  He also tells me I’m pretty.  I know Daddy trained him on that but I don’t care.  He can say it whenever he wants.

So did I ever think I would end up with 4 kids?  Not ever.  And did I think they would be all boys?  Absolutely not.  Would I change a single thing?  Not for all the money or sweet little girls in the world.  I’ll keep my boys just fine.  But would it have hurt for my husband to give me just one girl?



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Those “Other” Moms

IMG_3466[1]I’m going to start off this post by admitting I’m not perfect (shh, don’t tell my husband).  As a mom, I have my good days and then there’s those baaaad days.  Now keep in mind I’m just coming off a full week of being a single mom while my husband has been hunting.  So this past week those bad days may have outweighed the good.  This week and this week only.  Until next week.  Hey, I give it up to single parents!  I was one once and it’s hard.  And a third of the time I’m still one when my husband is on duty.  Mad props to single parents!

So have you ever been at the grocery store and you see a mom yelling at her kids?  Or maybe see her bending over and grabbing her child’s arm firmly with the look of a possessed demon in her eyes?  Did you judge that mom’s behavior toward her children and felt bad for the child, and then smugly prided yourself in your parenting skills?  Have you ever thought you would not act like those “other” moms?  I assume you answered ‘yes’ to all of the above.  I’m guilty.  So now here’s another question for you.  Have you ever been one of those moms?

Maybe you answered ‘no’ to that last question.  But are you really being honest with yourself?  I promise you don’t have to tell anyone.  Remember when I said I wasn’t perfect (we’re still not telling my husband by the way)?  Well I answered ‘yes’.  I think all us parents would have to admit that our social parenting skills can differ quite drastically to our at-home parenting skills.  I think maybe the difference is, most of us have mastered in which situations we should use each.  I wouldn’t dream of screaming at my kids in the middle of aisle 4 when they’re on the ground rolling around in a full-on wrestling match.  But if we were at home, you bet your bottom I’d be screaming my head off!  Usually the screaming is reserved for 7:00 at night after the 18th WWF match that day.

But I’ve been in the store before where maybe I was having a bad day, or the kids were particularly ornery that day, and their listening skills were a little lacking on this trip, and I’ve bent over, grabbed their arms firmly, and the demon literally entered my body and possessed me, and I yelled at my kids.  I say I was possessed because that couldn’t possibly have been me that just did that to my kids.  In public.  In earshot of others.  And then all of a sudden I realize what I must look like to others around me.  I was one of those “other” moms.  I completely forgot the rules of “social” parenting.  I’m a horrible mom and now others know it too.

But why did I feel worse about my behavior because it was in public?  I wouldn’t hesitate at home to discipline my children that way.  I mean, I’ve never spanked or hit my kids, but I don’t hesitate to yell at them or grab their arm firmly and set them straight.  I have four boys for crying out loud!  I’m not perfect (okay fine, tell my husband!).  I guess what I’m saying, is none of us are perfect.  94.58% of the time I think I’m doing a pretty good job as a mom.  The other 5.42% is what we call mother’s guilt.  We’re always hard on ourselves even when we’re doing the best we can and our intentions and actions come from the heart.  Those “other” moms are probably just like you and me and are just having a bad day.  Don’t worry, we don’t need to judge them.  They will have enough judgment and guilt for all of us.  So let’s give ourselves a break and the next time we’re having a baaaad day, remind ourselves we can always start over tomorrow.  Let go of the guilt and forgive ourselves.  And then pour a glass of wine.  Maybe two.



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Flashback Friday – Taylor Tribune – 7/04/08

Front Page Forum

This is solely the doing of one Sarah Telgenhoff.  If not for her I’m not sure I would be so inspired to get a Taylor Tribune in circulation.  So everyone please thank Sarah (or curse her if you did not miss us).  We all know that I have 4 kids, two pets, a full-time job, a husband, and a house – so let’s just take this moment to really appreciate the time and sacrifices I am making right now.  Also, due to the economy and the opportunity cost of me sitting down to write this newsletter, we have regrettably had to increase the subscription price.  We do realize that our newsletter is an inelastic good and this will not affect the demand.  Although we do appreciate your patronage and loyalty during this time.  Since a lot has happened since the last Tribune I am going to go ahead and start fresh and not go into the past of our lives.  We do hope this is kosher will all.

Levi’s Legacy

Where do I start with our little Levi?  For those of you who view our pictures, it is in most cases the old saying “A picture says a thousand words”.  This is definitely the case with our Levi.  He is a pistol and a half.  He keeps us on our toes and has a personality you wouldn’t believe.  He’s the devil and an angel all wrapped up into a perfect little package.  Levi is 3 ½ and his favorite past time is pushing Luke’s buttons and playing in the dirt.  He is a very active boy and really doesn’t sit for more than 10 minutes here and there to catch his second, third and fifteenth wind.  Per Keith’s mom, Levi is exactly as Keith was at his age.  Full of spit and vinegar and also a sweet little boy.  The kid is as tough as nails too.  Lukey is our sensitive boy (more on that later) and Levi is a solid body with a solid personality.  I never thought I could have such diverse kids.  Levi has really gotten acquainted with his time-out corner.  Why is it that a child does something that he knows he’s not supposed to do and will surely send him to time out and then cries as if he’s being tortured when you put him in it?  I mean, doesn’t it seem so simple that if he hadn’t done what he just did he wouldn’t be in time out?  Each time we take him out of time out we explain this to him in terms I just explained above.  At the time he seems to completely understand and agrees he will never do it again and we feel good about the lesson we just taught him.  But then we turn around and 3 seconds later he’s doing the exact same thing we JUST covered 3 seconds previous.  I mean, what’s that all about?  Although, I guess if kids did what we told them it wouldn’t take 18 + years to prepare them for life on their own.  No one told me parenting was so difficult.  I’m starting to rethink this four kids thing.

Levi LaytonBaby

Lukey Tales

Well Lukey is about the sweetest, most sensitive little guy you’ll ever meet.  He has made up for Keith not giving me any girls because that kid can produce some drama I tell ya.  We have learned that you really need to keep Luke’s feelings in mind in every decision you make.  You really don’t want to upset him or rock his boat.  He is the sweetest, calmest child until you tip the boat.  Once this happens look out!  He will collapse and scream as if his whole life just crumbled before him.  We then must pick him up and console him and pet his head and give him kisses and somehow make him laugh until he is calm again.  I’m not sure, is that the tail wagging the dog or what?  Even with all the drama, you couldn’t ask for a more lovable, sweet-natured kid.  And I’m pretty sure his smile is the cause of Global Warming because it can melt just about anything.  One smile from that kid makes my week.

Lukey Toddler

Now if we could just get him to talk.  He is a man of few words.  His vocabulary consists of about 6 six words.  Although the child doesn’t miss a beat.  He knows exactly what’s going on and what is being said.  I like to consider it that he doesn’t feel the need to voice his opinion because he’s very comfortable being the silent observer; taking it all in and evaluating the situation around him.  When he’s ready to take it to the next level I’m sure everything he will have to say will be very profound.  Pretty sure he gets that from me.  Lukey loves his brothers (which is pretty sad because Levi spends most of his time tormenting him).  Lukey will go sit next to Levi when he’s in time out.  It’s about the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.  He just sits next to him as if to show his support for Levi while he’s screaming in protest.  It breaks my heart because usually he’s in time out for something he did to Luke.  Why can’t we just all get along?

Layton’s Lullaby

We have added a new section to our newsletter since we can’t manage to stop adding to our clan.  We never really run out of babies because we just keep having more.  I’ve heard it so many times that the last “oops” babies are the best and you just can’t imagine life without them.  And boy is it true.  Layton is just our perfect little baby.  And when I say perfect, I mean perfect.  Oh yes we had our times the first couple of months when he insisted on nursing every 2 hours ‘round the clock.  He quickly learned that Mommy is a much better mommy when she gets sleep.  So now our beautiful little boy sleeps from 6:00pm to 6:00am like the angel he is.  Mommy likes this very much.  There are the occasional mornings (like this morning) where he feels it necessary to eat around 5am but then he just falls asleep again while nursing and sleeps for another couple of hours.  During his waking hours he will smile and talk to you.  He tells such wonderful stories.  Mostly about his days back in the womb.  Layton is pretty much Keith reincarnated (except Keith’s still with us) but you know what I mean.  He is the exact replica of his father.  It’s almost eerie how much they look alike.  The other two resemble Keith (not so much Lukey) but Layton looks exactly like him.  I love it.  I know Keith does too.  I wonder what the next one will look like [insert sarcastic tone].

Layton Little Baby

Life of Logan

Oh Logan.  Logan, Logan, Logan.  Not sure really where to begin because there are so many layers to Logan.  Logan is an absolute joy to be around.  He is charismatic, funny, sweet, energetic, lazy, forgetful, loving, adorable, patient – oh I could go on.  I do realize I am a bit biased but I did good with that kid.  Every day I look forward to being around him.  He is one of my little friends (don’t worry, we have an equal balance between friend and parent).  I just enjoy so much talking to him and hearing about his day and his take on life.  The way I look at it is I have about 8 months left before he turns into a teenager.  I’ve heard it many times (especially from my mom) that your sweet, loving kids will turn on you once the hormones set in.  In some ways I do live in ignorance because it really can be bliss.  But I know things will change.  So right now I’m just enjoying Logan for who he is right now.  I plan to enjoy every day with him and enjoy him for what he is and who he is – even when the hormones take over.  So far Logan has had a very busy summer.  Mostly his days involve getting up around 9:00am, eating breakfast, watching the tube, doing his chores, brushing his teeth, and then it’s outside to play for the rest of the day.  Most days he’s out until we eat, then back out again, then in around 8:30.  Doesn’t that just bring back memories of being a kid during the lazy days of summer?  Logan is going to summer school this summer.  This is not because of any lack of intelligence; it’s because of lack of focus.  That kid is smart but would rather spend his class time socializing and making people laugh.  It’s been challenging because neither Keith nor I were like that.  We were both studious and turned in our homework and paid attention during class.  Logan not so much.  Although we do have challenges in that area, for some reason I don’t worry too much about Logan.  Yes, at first I was stressed out and we’ve been really working with Logan and his teachers, but I know Logan will turn out to be okay.  Not sure he’ll take the typical path but wherever he ends up he’ll be just fine.  Although, when the last day of school came I think we were all ready.  Not sure who was more ready between us — Logan or his teachers!

Logan Preteen

Keith’s Korner

Keith is one busy man.  I know you have all heard it before, but they just don’t make them any better than him.  Not a day goes by where I don’t think how lucky we are.  He is a wonderful father; patient, caring, kind, funny and loving.  Those same qualities carry over to him being an equally wonderful husband.  I honestly didn’t think I would be married to someone for 5 years and be more in love with him now than I was when we were first married.  Of course our relationship has changed due to many factors but my love has remained and only grown.  He makes me a better person.  Because he is so patient, kind, listens to me no matter what I have to say (and we all know I have lots to say), and how he is with my children, it just makes me want to be all those things too.  Whenever I think to myself I am irritated by something he’s done or says I remind myself how he doesn’t get irritated with me for hardly anything.  That makes me change my tune and strive to be more patient and not get irritated by the little things.  Okay, now that you are all puking, I’ll get on with other things.  Keith is still in school and will finish at the end of the summer.  He will earn his Fire Science degree and will be eligible to test for a Captain position with the fire department.  Although he’s been an Acting Captain for many years, the fire department decided in order for anyone to be “qualified” as a Captain they now need a degree.  That’s sort of hard to wrap your mind around because he’s been a Captain for years and has been very qualified up until now.  I guess you can see my take on that.  I’m very proud at how hard he’s worked toward finishing school.  I know he will be very happy when he’s done.

Mollye’s Mentionables

What has Mollye been up to?  Well, pretty much having babies.  Doesn’t it seem that’s all I do?  I agree.  Well let me tell you – this uterus has closed down shop.  It has retired and moved to Florida to get some “me” time.  I had my husband fixed so fast it wasn’t even funny.  The results are in and my hubby is officially shootin’ blanks (that’s a story for another day).  The doc fixed him good.  So I am finally able to slowly get my body back – although I do have to share my body with Layton for a little longer since he demands on eating everyday (that was a shout out to you, Dad!).  I don’t mind that though.  I do remember when I was nursing Luke I would think to myself how it made me sad because he was my last one.  Well that thought actually never crosses my mind.  Yes, I love to nurse my babies and yes it’s good for them but I can officially say I will not miss is it once I’m done.  Four babies later I can confidently say I will be ready when that time comes to be done with that chapter of my life.  I’ve enjoyed it and I still do but Mommy wants her boobies back (and so does Daddy).  Other than having babies, life’s been pretty status quo.  Still working the same job doing the same thing.  It’s not my passion but it is the perfect job for me right now.  I get to work from home and see my kids during the day when Keith’s not working.  I work from 6:00am to 3:00pm and have the ability to run errands during the day if needed or adjust my schedule when necessary.  Although, we do have a plan in the works that will enable me to do something that is my passion… all good things come to those who wait, right?  I’ll keep you posted what that something is!

Introducing Lukey

Over the next 4 Thursdays I’m going to introduce each of my kids and their individual ways of making me the happiest and proudest mom on the planet.  Oh I know, we all say that about our kids.  But if I didn’t start it off that way what kind of mother would I be?

Lukey is our second to the youngest.  He will be turning 7 in a month.  He will be my most challenging of the 4 to capture in just one post since Lukey is probably one of the most unique and complex kids a person could meet.  We call him Lukey because he’s just too cute not to call Lukey.  And his big brown eyes will suck you in every time.


See?  Lukey makes us laugh by something he says everyday.  And also take pause.  It’s usually profound and it takes a minute to grasp just how profound his statements are.  We are concerned that he may be smarter than us by the time he turns 10.  That’s not a joke.  We’re really concerned.  He started memorizing square roots by the age of 5 and would explain to us how he came up with the equations.

Lukey is very literal.  The phrase “out of the mouth of babes” could have been coined with him in mind.  You’re almost scared of what he’ll say because for one, it’s deep.  Two, he may call you out on some behavior or personality trait you’re not exactly proud of and most kids would not necessarily have noticed.  Or say.  In public.  With witnesses.  Three, he analyzes every situation, every conversation, every rule, and will blow holes in all of them.  And he’s usually right.  We’ve developed thick skin throughout the years.  And he’s only 6.  And what tops off his words, is his delivery.  It’s usually with a straight face and quizzical, questioning look.  It’s as if he’s thinking, “Why are you so stupid?”  I’ve been questioning that myself since he was old enough to talk.

I’ve learned not to take personal offense when he talks.  He’s dissected and critiqued pretty much every part of my body.  He calls the lady parts “baginas” (sorry about the TMI).  He also says that baginas are weird looking.  Again, I don’t take offense.  I’m sure it’s not.  I think.  He does make you question yourself and your self esteem.  And existence.  He’s asked why I don’t have big boobs.  Why I have lines under my eyes.  He traces the veins in my hands that are apparently also weird looking.  The media has nothing on Luke on making me feel a little self conscious about my body.

I think as parents we all learn from our children.  They teach us just as much as we teach them.  I’ve learned patience, humility, forgiveness, and to realize AND admit when I’m wrong.  With all that comes with having Lukey in our lives, I think he’s taught me the most about these things.  When you’re in the auto-pilot mode of hustling the kids to wash their hands for dinner, telling them they need to hurry, and your 6-year old calmly asks you, “Mom, why are you in such a hurry and acting like this?”, it makes you take pause.  I told you he does that.  With one question he makes you check yourself.  He does this often and I’m thankful for that.

We wonder constantly what he’ll end up being in life.  I know it will be amazing.  Just curious how he’ll use his unique ways and analytical mind.  He’s got a leg up on most of us with his clear thoughts and no BS approach to situations.  He has no idea how much we learn from him.  Nothing like being taught humility by a child.  I think we all need that.  I happen to get it from my Lukey.


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